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High School Packages

Welcome to our easy-to-use Interactive Packages area:
* Mouse-over to find the "click-boxes" and see more of what you like !

We have designed the various packages below to suit many types of party situations. Each package steps up the best amount from the previous to get you more value.

You should pick a "DJ&Sound" package and a "Lighting System" package to form a complete package.

We are currently working on our "Visual" and "Testimonial" buttons you see below. These show EBD packages in action or something similiar with pictures from actual events.
This way, we will
make it easier for you to select from our services on-line.

And remember, our packages can be fully customized for your tastes or budget needs!

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Multi-Level Dancing "Click Box" is On-line
Visuals & Testimonials Column 1
Visuals Column 2
Nite-Club Pump-up Soon!
Visuals in Column One are On-line,
Column Two as noted
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