New Music

15,000 songs and growing !
Each month, each EBD library receives four new discs of the latest/greatest AND classic tracks on licensed DJ compilations. Each compilation contains 15 to 20 releases! That's at least 60 new songs!

Access the monthly releases you want to see for the current month or the previous eleven months - just hit a button for large easy-to-read listings. Up to five years of backtracks are posted here. Or - try one of our index download buttons to review our complete massive selection of music tracks!

Of course, we insist on an advance personal music consultation for your event at least 30 days ahead of time. We can setup an official meeting, chat on the phone, take a list of requests by fax - whatever suits your needs as a group or corporation. You and/or your guests can also submit requests on-going up to your event until 12AM the night before if you wish.

We are committed to your musical satisfaction. Spend as much or as little time as you want planning with us. No matter how much input you choose to provide, you can count on our years of music expertise to deliver a fun and successful party no matter who is in your crowd.

Our DJ's always approach your event with great personality and a certain artistic humility. In short, we want you to have a good time!


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(Full index is updated approximately every 8 - 10 months.)

October 2014 Xcel Index

Interim Index
(Nov.2014 to Mar.2016)

15,000 songs and growing !